Back to basics

I used to post regularly with Ginny’s Yarn along. Instead I’ve completely slacked on all blog things, so I’m easing back in with a Yarn Along style post.

I’m knitting in my car before a work shift starts. I’m reading The Alphabet House by Jussi Adler-Olsen and kniiting the Precious Metals socks by Louise Tilbrook.

I’m posting from my telephone and may add links later from my computer. That seems like one task too many right now.

What are you reading?

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Day 9: 30 days of gratitude



I’m certain that most people won’t post an image like this when thinking of technology. This is a picture of the bidet controls on a toilet in a hotel room. Can you see all those functions?? There’s a water heater and everything! It was AMAZING. And I know – you’re thinking, “How could a toilet be amazing?”, but it totally was. You’ll have to just trust me.

How can I relate this to gratitude? This toilet was part of our 20th anniversary trip to the UK and beyond. I am grateful to be married to the same great guy for 20 years, that we were able to plan for and afford this trip, and that we have modern sanitation. It’s amazing.

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Day 8: 30 days of gratitude


I decided to focus on friends for this because there are prompts coming up that will cover family for me.


This picture was taking a couple summers ago at Camp Little Notch. A bunch of us were all out on the lake at once and hooked ourselves together in a sort of flotilla (??). These people are all my friends. Some I only speak to once a year, others I talk to on the regular. Either way – they’re my people and I’m glad to know them.

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Day 7: 30 days of gratitude



I don’t work for pay out of the house (or for pay in the house). My work, or the things I consider work, center mostly on the kitchen. I don’t love making dinner nor doing dishes. This is a shot from a weekend where I had been letting the dishes get away from me.

I’m grateful that we can afford the food that makes the dishes dirty and the hot water and soap to get them clean. Maybe I need to remind myself of that the next time I’m staring at a sinkful.

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Day 6: 30 days of gratitude



Considering the name of the blog, this should come as no surprise. I also do a decent amount of reading (print and audio) and I waste a stupid amount of time watching Netflix.

I’m currently reading Fletch Won and The Stonecutter.  I’m watching season four of Orange is the New Black – I’ve seen most of it but had forgotten and wanted a review before I started season five. I’m not sure what the current season number is, but I’m behind for certain.

The knitting pictured is a request from my spouse: a wool sweater for him. It’s “Beagle” by Norah Gaughan knit in Wool of the Andes Superwash in “Cobblestone Heather.”

This is the first yarn I’ve acquired in a long time. I’ve been able to knit from my stash for a long time and that’s definitely something for which I am thankful. I’ve had some patches of very over-zealous buying and have been trying to curb that. It actually has been pretty easy with how large my stash is. I didn’t have a sweater quantity of anything, though, so this project required a purchase. We did the pattern and yarn browsing while my mom was here visiting and then she offered to buy the yarn. She said she would consider it DH’s Christmas present from her and that doing that made the holidays one person easier. I’m not certain the finished sweater will be his present from me this Christmas. Well, not if I still need to be useful in other ways…

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Day 5: 30 days of gratitude


Earlier this evening I took a picture of my steering wheel to use for this prompt. Then, while out for my walk, I saw this:


It’s a shaved ice & ice cream food truck. I’m kind of grateful for food trucks. They can serve as a less expensive way to get in to the restaurant/food service business (less expensive than opening a full sized restaurant), they can serve a variety of populations (because they can set up almost anywhere), and they can introduce people to new cuisines.

The knitting group I attended in North Carolina met at local microbreweries and similar places. Often they only served liquids with maybe a small selection of prepacked snack things (bags of chips, etc). Many of my yarny friends came to knitting directly from work and so having a food truck at the brewery was very helpful – they could get dinner with their beer. It was handy for me because frequently I chose not to eat with my family on those nights so I could get out of the house earlier 🙂  It was fun to be eating at new places all the time, and fun to be in such close contact with a business owner/chef.

This one was set up in the parking lot of my local city park. The park was BUSY: kids on the playground, kids shooting baskets, people playing cricket, people walking dogs – hopefully it was a good night for the vendor, too.

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Day 4: 30 days of gratitude

“Something I do every day.”

Again, there are so many things that would work for this (including yesterday’s tea picture). I picked this:


Every day I take medication and supplements. This means I’m thankful for modern medicine, health insurance (and yet I wish we had single-payer here in the US), safe access to pharmaceuticals, and the financial stability to allow for me to not have to worry about whether I can get my meds this month.

And yes, I totally fill a pill box every week. I take them all at bedtime, but it’s easier to fill this box weekly than to open 4 bottles every night.


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