In which I outline the plan

Back in January 2009, there was a Yarn Stash Game organized in the Artful Stitchery forum at Mama Drama.  I joined then and didn’t do too terribly, but I didn’t completely rock the house.  I’ve decided to keep up with the game and keep track of what I knit up or add to the stash over all of 2009.  Maybe the points system will motivate me, or at least I’ll see some change in the large build up here.  I have noticed that I’ve used up quite a lot of the dishcloth cotton I have which feels pretty good.

To keep score I’ll use this.

Point breakdown:
+10 per oz per item knit from stash
+1 for posting a pic to the blog

Bonus points on top of the +10 per oz
+2 per skein dyed (this is per skein, not per ounce)
+3 per skein spun (this is per skein, not per ounce)
+5 for each skein completely used
+3 per oz for item knit out of lace weight or fingering weight (adult socks only)
+2 for new learning/trying a new technique (magicloop, felting-only the first time using it)
+2 for using pattern for the first time
+2 per notion given away/sold from stash (dye, needles, pattern)
+5 per skein sold from stash (or given away)
+5 per knit item given away (incl charity; not incl DH/DC)

-8 per skein acquired during the year  (for me I’m counting sock yarn in terms of a pair of socks – so 2 50g  would count as one rather than 2 skeins).

AS of today:

05 Feb: +10 – two skeins given away to friend (Debbie Bliss cotton)
05 Feb: -1.6 20% of skein received to finish project (SWS)

19 Feb: +15 (1.5 ounces for arm warmers)
19 Feb: +20 (2 ounces for red toddler WW socks)

23 Feb: +20 orange toddler WW socks with red cuffs and toes

+20 ww toddler socks (slight red cuff, orange body)
+5 skein completely used (red PF)
+30 SWS fetchings (thumb gusset, longer wrists)
+5 skein completely used (SWS)

+4.5 for fingering weight bonus on armwarmers
+5 for giving item away (armwarmers)
+1 for posting picture (armwarmers) (not posted here on the blog, but posted to the forum)

+10 for finishing off 2 skeins in that scrappy washcloth
+5 for washcloth (was 1/2 ounce)
+2 for new technique – cabling without a cable needle on SWS Fetchings

7 march: +47.5: finishing baby kimono originally for Carrie (white/yellow/purple S&C).

+12.5 red garterlac washcloth
+12.5 yellow/purple/white garterlac
+20 ridiculous red/yellow/purple/white dishcloth [10+ 10 (2 skeins used up) = 20]
+5 for one skein used up in baby kimono
as of 11 March – GRAND TOTAL 248.4 (while stash game only allowed for selling stash, not giving it away, i”m counting the yarn I gave away since it’s out of my stash)

Since March 11 –

+12.5 yellow and blue garterlac

+17.5 yellow and pink garterlac (pink completely used up)

+25 pink garterlac barbie “blanket” for Angelie (arun’s sister)

-16 (total of 4 skeins of Deborah Norville sock yarn)


I have committed to 5 gifts for people as part of one of those “I’ll make something for you” pay it forward deals.  I also need to make some baby gifts for babies due soon.

I may also make a bargain with myself that I cannot knit unless I’ve done 30 minutes of exercise on weekdays.  We’ll see how that works out.  I did 30 minutes on the Fit today!

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