In which I set some goals

I’m a big fan of bulleted lists and numbering, so indulge me.

  • sweaters for Chip’s twins – I need to decide if the second color of sock yarn I have for her is too “girly”
  • dishcloths for Sarah – I’m considering getting other colors I need to make a rainbow set for her.
  • gift for Igel – possibly the felted hedgehog kit I have
  • gift for Jeni – no idea
  • gift for Betsy – no idea
  • gift for Sharon – no idea (must be vegan)
  • gift for Terri – no idea
  • socks for me
  • more charity socks for Children in Common
  • finish Thing 2’s backpack that was supposed to be for Christmas
  • finish my mystery bag from TYF – it’s all knitted, but it definitely needs a lining
  • a February lady sweater knit from Cotton Ease?
  • washcloth for Scotti

I’m sure more ideas will come along, but this should get me started.

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