Let’s just pretend I’ve been keeping up

Clearly I haven’t been, but let’s pretend I have been, shall we?  Or maybe it’s better to just start new.    Gosh – what have I knit this year so far?

A Seamless Infant Kimono for Timmi’s new daughter.  That used one full skein plus a little of a second (yarn that I bought this year, so I’m sure I’m in a negative situation right now).

Another garterlac washcloth because I can’t stop making them

Flap-top mittens from Handknit Holidays for my mom from yarn Timmi loaned me.  Well, I say “loaned” she says “gave” in that she doesn’t want the leftovers back.

I made some Band Cuffs for the Harry Potter group on Ravelry.  I need to post pictures here, too, but I think I have to host them somewhere other than my computer and uploading pictures can be soooooooo tedious.

I’ve been working on an OWL for that HP group as well.  I committed to making 4 pairs of worsted weight socks and a pair of fingering weight socks.  The WW socks are to be donated to the Cheyenne River Reservation, while the fingering ones are for ME.  Like a reward for my charitable act.  Right now I’m making a pair for CRR that I’m not counting as part of my OWL.  I’m doing the Gillyweed Socks for Herbology class.

The Wii Fit and I celebrated some big milestone when I turned it on in January.  I forget what, but it turned my pig silver.  I’ve still been slacking with it, but when I do turn it on I’ve been doing 30 minutes of jogging to just get it out of the way.  If the kids weren’t up I could jog in place while watching CSI or something else junky.  Instead, i either watch the dang Wii people or turn on Dirty Jobs.   Right now I could be watching the Olympics, but there are SO many commercials I’d have to jog with the tv remote in one hand (for fast forwarding) and the wiimote in the other so it knows I’m still in motion.  Oh, the coordination.

I’m trying to decide if I’ll try again to keep up with the “stash game” i was doing last year.  It might make me feel better about using up stash yarn.  I guess we’ll see.

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One Response to Let’s just pretend I’ve been keeping up

  1. Steph says:

    Oooh the stash game looks fun! I’m tracking yards in/out for the year. It’s almost like now that I’m counting I am buying *more* yarn. Ack!!

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