Getting back into the swing

I’ve been reminded that it’s National Blog Post Month (or NaBloPoMo or something), so let’s get back into the habit, maybe.

This academic year has been kind of kicking my ass.  Thing 1 is doing travel hockey again (because secretly we’re masochists?), Thing 2 is in house hockey, we’ve added a couple of things to our homeschooling schedule and still these people want regular meals and a house that wouldn’t get a “condemned” label if the city were to show up on my doorstep.  I’m considering a clone.

Which do you want to know more about – the homeschooling or the knitting?  Let’s start with the latter.

The knitting continues apace.  Currently I’m working on a test knit for someone on Ravelry and I need to give it more attention than I have been.  At the same time I’ve been trying to finish up a long sleeved shirt for a friend’s baby.  I’m in love with the striping, but I’m not currently in love with the circular needle I’m using for the sleeves.  It’s sucks, honestly, but it was the right size and I’ve somehow managed not to throw it out/donate it despite the fact that I’ve known it sucks for a long time.  Why?  Because it’s STILL USEFUL.   Heaven forbid I get rid of something that is SU – I might someday NEED IT.  Interesting aside, SU (still useful) also begins SUCKS.  Perhaps I should consider this a sign of some kind.

The stash game?  I’ve given up.  Along with the blog slacking, I’ve decided I simply don’t care.  Also, I’m not good at self-imposed will power.

The homeschooling is getting busier.  We added writing this year via Writing With Ease.  I’ve started both boys with Level One, but we’re working at a more accelerated pace because right now it’s pretty easy.  I don’t want to just skip to Level Two, but we can move more quickly.  We also added Latin, which is going okay so far.  Those join History (Middle Ages) and Science (Chemistry), Math (Gamma or Delta), Handwriting (cursive) and Phonics (for Thing 1 – Thing 2 is using homemade spelling lists).

How are things with you?


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