Counting down

I spend a decent amount of time counting things down:

  • How much time until someone gets home from hockey so that I know when to start and finish dinner
  • How long until knitting night
  • How long until coffee cake comes out of the oven

And today I found out that there are 50 days until Christmas.   We do some kind of count down calendar thing very year with some measure of success and I’m trying again this year.  I’m making felt calendars for both boys like the one over at The Purl Bee – my pockets are only a single color (not double layers) and my friend Sarah drew the numbers on for me with chalk because my strengths lie elsewhere.    I’ve finished all the embroidering for Thing 1’s calendar and I’m almost to half way with Thing 2’s.    I need to get that finished (but knitting gets in the way).    And, I need to come up with a list of things to put in the pockets.  What are your great advent/count down calendar fillers?


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One Response to Counting down

  1. JooLee says:

    I’m all fired up for Christmas this year. Seriously. I’ve already bought a lot of this gifts, as we do Christmas at Thanksgiving with my family. But since my husband’s family will be here this year, and our au pair from Germany, I feel like we need to do it up–lots of decorations, music, nog and the like. We got an advent “calendar” 2 years ago in Germany that is little cones that hang from a string and each day you get what’s inside.

    I do like your counting down comment. I spend a lot of time counting. Like “okay, I’m going to count to three…1…2…thank you…”

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