I know a place

From Summer 1981 thru Summer 2001 I went to Camp Little Notch in the Adirondack Mountains at some point every year (except 1989 – I know I didn’t go in the summer, but who knows, maybe I went with my Girl Scout troop during the school year).  Every year.  That’s 20 years of my life.  My older son went both when I was still pregnant, and as a beginning walker – I even have a picture of him napping under the flag pole in the car park.  As bigger kids my sons have been a couple more times, and have finally spent the night in the same place where I slept for so many summers.

This camp was owned by a Girl Scout council and in November 2009 they decided to sell it.  An organization of alumni and other interested people got together and decided to purchase the property.   It’s a year later and the sale is nearly complete.    I am so glad this property is going to be in the hands of people who know it and love it like I do.  I am so incredible thankful for the hard work of a great group of women who have worked tirelessly to find other groups to partner with them, to find donors, to incorporate – all the massive work involved in this whole process.

The Friends of Camp Little Notch are meeting tomorrow to discuss, plan, vote – do organization stuff.  I wish I could be there with them: to see those people, some of whom I looked up to, some of whom I basically grew up with, some are new friends.    Instead, I’ll be wearing my usual hat of hockey mom of two, 2500 miles away.   I’ll be back, though.

“I know a place where friendships are made strong

Where on a mountaintop I know I can belong

With Hope rising up behind me

And Challenger to face

Little Notch friends, and Little Notch solitude.  I’ll return here once again.

Fires burn high, sparks fly into the wind

We gather here to laugh, to share this time and sing

We banish all our loneliness as Green Cathedrals ring

The sun goes down on our wishes in the water.  We know we’re giving memories

We have a time for freedom and for fun

We have a space to be, to sing, to dance, to run

The pines of the forest for our house

And friends on every hand.

Little Notch friends and Little Notch solitude.  I’ll return here once again.

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