Hey technology

(to the tune of “Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms)

Tell me do you think you could get this right

Just please one time tonight

Can you see I’m in no shape for troubleshooting

And anyway I’ve got no ideas to try…

(or something)

I have an ipod touch and I love it.  I learned that I could sync the calendar with google calendar and promptly entered the game and practice schedule for both boys plus DH’s hockey games and nearly everything else in our lives so that I had a lovely portable calendar that I could also check while sitting at the computer.  Plus, adding things to the calendar is easier on the computer than on the ipod.  That keyboard and I aren’t BFF yet.

I realized last week that the times for Thing 1’s games and practices in November seemed wrong, and I had initially chalked it up to me playing fast and loose with the scroll thing on the ipod or a wrong keystroke in google.  They were all off by an hour (so practice started at 5, but it was in the calendar in the ipod as 4).  Odd, but an easy fix, right?  I checked with the website for the hockey team, found they were correct in google (but not the ipod) and decided to fix the ipod and figured everything would be super again.

I was wrong.  Now the times are all correct in the ipod, but an hour LATER in google.   WTF?

Of course, now that I’m writing this, I’ve decided to do more exploring on my ipod and discovered that while I had the time zone for the CLOCK as my actual location, I had the time zone for the calendar as something completely different.  Perhaps this will solve my time change problem?  I can only hope.  However, it’s late, so I’ll have to deal with this in the morning.

This may be another one of those “i’m too stupid to live” moments.  I’m sure you’re all thrilled you can share these special times with me.


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