“Never put a sock in a toaster.”

You can thank Eddie Izzard for that useful piece of advice.

As some of you may know, I knit.  I’ve knit all kinds of things with an assortment of fibers (or pseudo fibers – like red licorice).  One of my FAVORITES, though, is self-patterning sock yarns.  Bold, crazy, wild colored sock yarns.  I’ve knit several pairs of socks for myself (they come in handy at hockey games!).  I’ve used it for other things, too.  It’s great for baby sweaters, or mug cozies, or armwarmers…   all kinds of things.

I’m currently wearing this pair:

I had lovely warm feet during Thing 1’s hockey game this evening, and it’s finally cooling off enough that I don’t feel ridiculous wearing them to the rink.

That cabled baby sweater that’s been giving me fits is also out of sock yarn.  I think I’m finally finding my way with it, but I’m about to hit another major step, so all bets might be off.  Or I might be posting another round of why I am “too stupid to live.”

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