Looking back

Come December, I always think I haven’t gotten nearly as much done as I wanted to.  While this is definitely true for the state of the house, when I go back into my “2011 Knitting” photo album, it turns out I did get a decent amount done.

To recap —  I knit my first complete adult sweater:

Blue Cabled sweater(We won’t talk about how I still need to rip out and reknit the ribbing on the sides and that I want to put in a zipper).

I made 8 pairs of socks (including a baby sized pair, and 2 Christmas stockings).  I also made 26 blanket squares.  No, I haven’t assembled it into a complete blanket yet:

I seem to knit in blue more often than any other color.  I made several bookmarks that are going unused.  I made even more dishcloths (I completely need to find a home for those – I have at least 20 sitting in a bin).

Today I spent a couple of hours taking pictures of a lot of my yarn stash to upload into Ravelry  I dutifully weighed things so I could be more sure about the amount of yardage I actually have.  I’ve realized that I have some more I have specific plans for, but that I didn’t catalog.

Also in 2011:

  • Travel hockey ended (and didn’t start back up again – just house league)
  • We spent a large part of the summer with extended family
  • The boys won ribbons in the state fair for art work
  • Birthdays were celebrated
  • Friends visited
  • New things were learned
  • Noise was made
  • Books were read and listened to

“A good time was had by all.”

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