Beginning the year

Almost every Tuesday we meet up with a fun group of homeschoolers at parks around the city.  Knowing that my kids get hungry while running around like lunatics, I try to bring snacks that are inexpensive and moderately healthy.  This usually means popcorn and muffins.  I like to bring enough to share and some weeks I accommodate allergies/dietary restrictions.  This was not one of those weeks.  I’ve been out of the muffin making habit for a few weeks.  I need to get back into doing some prep work on Monday evenings so that Tuesday goes more smoothly.

Today’s muffins are based on the Sweet Potato muffins from my friend Danielle over at Moderate Oven.  I used canned pumpkin in place of sweet potato, chopped (via the food processor) fresh cranberries instead of candied ginger, whole wheat flour, and i omitted the streusel because I couldn’t find the stash of it I thought I had in the freezer.  The pan of standard sized muffins is in the oven with a pan of mini muffins on deck.  There’s enough batter left for more standard muffins (I’m not sure it’ll make another twelve – spatial skills are not my forte).  I doubled the recipe.

I take knitting with my to the park because what typically happens is all the children go play while all the parents sit on picnic tables and have a good chat about what’s going on with everyone.  To that end, I have some plans for January:

I’m not sure what I’ll work on today, but it will probably be the vest or the socks – I have the prep work for those done.

First batch of muffins out – please note:

  • halloween and winter muffin liners.  I know they’re wasteful, but they make cleaning easier for me, so they win.  I tend to buy them on clearance, so we have a stash of off-season liners in the house.
  • the basket of measuring spoons.  I have several sets and dislike those little rings.  I gave up trying to keep them organized on the rings and threw them all into a basket.
  • the food processor (for chopping the cranberries) and the twist tie.  I KNOW cords are more tidy and easier to manage when they’re bound up with a twist tie, but I don’t like using them.  I mentally scowl while putting them on.  Very adult.
  • the pepper mill.  He’s always sneaking into pictures.  I didn’t even use pepper in this recipe.

Mini muffins are out, too.  I got 6 more standard sized muffins out of what’s left.  That should get us through the afternoon.  I hope.

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1 Response to Beginning the year

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for feeding my wild things. At least I brought popcorn. Our measuring spoons are loose too. Dave is the ring hater though.

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