5.8 hockey rinks

That’s how much yarn I used up in January (projects that were finished in January regardless of when they were started).  So many things are measured in football fields, but that’s not the way our family rolls.  To be specific, it was 1157.9 yards (or 41,684.4 inches if you want a big number).  That’s pretty darn productive.  It included 2 scarves, 2 mug cozies (coh-zees, not coooze – ies), a hat, a cowl, a pair of socks and that child’s vest you’ve seen already.


The hat is going in the mail to the folks at Craft Hope for Project 16 (go make a hat!  or a bag!).  I’ll knit some more in February and mail them all at once.

The socks are for me.  I went thru my stash of “in regular circulation” socks and found 8 pairs – enough for a week!  I’d like to knit a pair each month this year (as would my sock yarn stash).    I swatched today for 2 pairs of socks.  One swatch was successful (for Hermione’s Everyday Socks) and the other not so much (for My Vampire Boyfriend).  I think I’m going to try the vampire swatch in purl since so much of the pattern is purling and I know my knit/purl gauge isn’t identical.

Class assignments for the February Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup are up so I’m off to see what good knitting prompts I’ll have this month!

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2 Responses to 5.8 hockey rinks

  1. Heather says:

    You were very productive this month. I forgot I need to knit some hats this month. There goes my carefully thought out queue again! I am so impressed with your swatching. I need to pay more attention and follow your lead.

    • ameyknits says:

      I’m glad I did with those Vampire socks. The gauge they want (7.5 spi in stockinette) is looser than the socks I usually knit. (8.5 – 9 spi). I really don’t want to swatch again and am tempted to just go with the bigger needles (that swatch was close) and hope. Maybe I could block them a little bigger if I needed to.

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