Knitting out of the house

As I’ve mentioned before, I do a decent amount of knitting out of the house. I knit at Park Days, during the Things’ art class, in the front yard watching kids play, at stitch and bitch, etc.  Many of the things I knit aren’t that complicated for me.  I do plain vanilla socks, I do things with predictable patterns, or things that repeat so I can look at the pattern at the beginning of the row and then just continue as I start.   I’m not changing the world with my knitting, and that’s okay by me.   When I’m picking things to take with me out of the house, I will intentionally choose those items that need less focus (because I do, occasionally, do something fancier), and this is usually an easy choice: take the current socks in progress.

Tomorrow I am attending an all-day workshop where I will be able to knit for much of the day.  Because I’m leaving so early in the morning, I need to make a packing list and do some organizing tonight to maximize sleep in the morning and minimize chaos when the morning is brought to you by the letter Z for Zombie.  Normally, I’d throw in whatever socks were in progress, and I do have a pair, but they’re nearly done.    I’m mildly concerned that I’ll finish them and then have idle hands  (and end up in the trouble corner or something).  The next pair I plan to make are too complicated to begin out of the house (or possibly work on at all out of the house, but we’ll see).


  • Bring yarn to start a different pair of socks
  • Bring yarn for something different (and if so, what? I’m a little uninspired by this month’s HP “classes” — here’s a condensed list if you’re curious:
  • Just bring the socks in progress.  you’re overestimating how much you’ll get done
  • who the hell cares?

I’ll also have with me a baby hat I just finished (to use up some stash).  I actually think it’s too small for an infant, but there will be many infants at the workshop tomorrow, so I’m hoping I can get a parent to let me try the hat on her child.  If it doesn’t fit, I’ll end up ripping that all out.  Yay!



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2 Responses to Knitting out of the house

  1. Heather says:

    The problems we knitters have. I miss the workshops for LLL. Sometimes starting a project is hard for me while I am out. If I just have the first few rows I am much better off. So what did you decide?

  2. ameyknits says:

    I brought the baby hat (it mostly fit on the two 12 month old babies there, so i’m calling it good enough), the in progress socks and yarn for a brainless pair of socks. I’m still working on the “in progress” socks. If I wasn’t a zombie tonight, I might be able to finish them, but I’m going to do some of the dishes and go to bed. I didn’t sleep very well last night.

    As an aside, I downloaded the first 15+ episodes of Stash and Burn, and think they’re easier to listen to at the beginning. Also, I avoided the yarn store pit-stop on the way home from the meeting today (out of tiredness, but I could claim it was “being good.”)

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