Where’s my time turner?

I finished another hat.  I’ll have to get back to you with pictures because I’ve just entered into mild panic mode.  Remember those Vampire Boyfriend socks I said I need to (start and) finish by the end of March?  I’ve just been reminded that I only have until the 24th.  That’s an entire week less.

I’ll see y’all later – I have to find time to knit a pair of cabled socks I’m mildly concerned won’t fit me.  Oh, and my mother-in-law and her sister are coming in 2 weeks.   That’ll reduce my productivity, methinks.

[insert headless chicken and similar similes and metaphors at will]

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1 Response to Where’s my time turner?

  1. ameyknits says:

    A day later, i still haven’t started. I brought the yarn and needles to the park and then realized I hadn’t split the ball in two yet. So, I kept working on those blue and grey striped socks from the other day. Procrastination – I haz it. Sitting home all day today and did I split that ball? Nope. Made a mug cozy.
    Note to self: STOP BEING AN IDIOT.

    February yarn usage total: 753 yards or 3.765 hockey rinks (NHL regulation).

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