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Rats, hats, and also socks

Hey guess what?  I finished those socks.  There was some heckling from the peanut gallery, but they’re done.  I don’t know if I’m going to keep them.  You can’t easily see the fantastic heart cables, but there are more pictures … Continue reading

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Of cables and calendars

It’s still Wednesday, so I can sneak in a YarnAlong post.  I’m still working on the Vampire socks.  Because the deadline wasn’t enough stress (remember me posting about it being on the 24th rather than the 31st?), I’ve also worked … Continue reading

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Oryx and scones

I neglected to post on Wednesday to join the Yarn Along with Ginny, so instead I’m going to post a baking/reading picture. My dear friend Terri has been enduring the trials of Job lately (appliances dying, sick kids, general chaos) … Continue reading

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Did I do this math right?

I’m slowly learning to read ahead in patterns and to look at schematics and how they relate to my actual body (I’m looking at you, cabled sweater with the insanely long arms).  Last night, however, I found myself wondering if … Continue reading

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