Did I do this math right?

I’m slowly learning to read ahead in patterns and to look at schematics and how they relate to my actual body (I’m looking at you, cabled sweater with the insanely long arms).  Last night, however, I found myself wondering if the pattern writer actually thought thru what she was telling people.

The gauge of the patterns says 46 rounds = 4 inches in the pattern (aka 11.5 rounds/rows per inch).  The pattern is actually 20 rows long.  I’m supposed to knit it for 6 inches, which would be 69 rows (assuming I got gauge).  If I start on row 1, that will be 1-20 3 times, plus rows 1-9.  Right?  Then how can I end on row 20?  That’s either an extra 11 rows (and a full inch), or do 9 fewer rows (and lose an inch).

Or maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about these numbers at midnight?  Who knows.  What I’ll probably end up doing (since different sizes have you end in different places, which doesn’t make a tremendous amount of sense to me, since the only difference in sizes is circumference – the actual length doesn’t change… but I digress) is just making a note of what row I finished when I think the leg is long enough so that I can keep going from there with the next piece of instruction.

FYI: keeping track of a 7 row cable and a 20 row cable at the same time is the reason i knit plain stockinette socks.

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