Oryx and scones

I neglected to post on Wednesday to join the Yarn Along with Ginny, so instead I’m going to post a baking/reading picture.

My dear friend Terri has been enduring the trials of Job lately (appliances dying, sick kids, general chaos) and at one point she mentioned that we really needed to get together for tea and scones again (which is how we spent the Royal Wedding).   So, I decided that while our schedules are duelingly nuts for a while, I could make her some scones to enjoy without me.   I used my Better Homes and Gardens Baking book “English Tea Scones” recipe, substituting dried blueberries for the dried currants.

I apparently didn’t learn my lesson with The Handmaid’s Tale and am reading Oryx and Crake (which are great words, imo.  I like words that end in X, especially feminizations that involve an X like “aviatrix”).   This is a little easier to read because it doesn’t feel so much like it’s only 10 years away.  The science, though, starts to seems pretty attainable.

As for the Vampire socks.  Let’s just say that they’ll have quite a collection of “Design features” when I’m done with them.  I’m not willing to rip back two cabled rows (or more) when I realize I’ve made a mistake.  I’m just rolling with it.

They’re not quite sucking the life out of me, but they do require a lot of concentration, which is not normally what I want in my knitting.  I’m not sure I want it now, but I’m determined to finish these socks.  I’m not doing the math to find out how much time I have left.  I’m just thankful I have short feet.


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