Of cables and calendars

It’s still Wednesday, so I can sneak in a YarnAlong post.  I’m still working on the Vampire socks.  Because the deadline wasn’t enough stress (remember me posting about it being on the 24th rather than the 31st?), I’ve also worked on an unfinished pair of plain vanilla socks at the same time.  That seemed like a smart thing to do.  I also started and finished a mug cozy, but that was strictly the “I cannot knit something complicated here” knitting – like during a hockey game.

I’ve turned the heels (I’m not a fan of the heel flap, and now I’ve knit TWO pairs of socks with them – ugh!).  ON the plus side, now the patterning is only on one side and they feel like they’re going faster.  On the minus side, they’re still not done.

I’m reading two books right now.  My current audiobook (sort of pictured) is Discovery of Witches.  I’m not exactly sure what I think of it so far.  Maybe that’s good.    We’ll see.  My “while I brush my teeth” book is When the Wind Blows by James Patterson.  I’ve read this before.  It’s James Patterson, so it’s a quick read (does everyone else get sucked in by those short chapters?  you tell yourself you’ll just read “one” more and then it’s another hundred pages because the chapters are only 3 pages long so you play the “one more” line 25 times?).  I need to find out of the YA series “Maximum Ride” is about the same Max since Wikipedia isn’t clear.

Back to the socks.

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