Rats, hats, and also socks

Hey guess what?  I finished those socks.  There was some heckling from the peanut gallery, but they’re done.  I don’t know if I’m going to keep them. 

You can’t easily see the fantastic heart cables, but there are more pictures at Ravelry if you really want to see them.   Apparently I never posted pictures of my February socks, although I did mention swatching them.  Perhaps I just got more caught up in posting pictures of hats?    Anyway, here they are:

They ended up too long in the foot, like I sort of knew they would (and yet I kept knitting them…).  Conveniently, they fit my mother-in-law perfectly, so they’ve gone to live with her.  I learned that as much as I might like the look of the “eye of partridge” heel, I still prefer a classic slip stitch heel.

I’ve turned both the heels (I think) on the plain vanilla socks I’m making.  They may not be finished by the end of the month, but I’m already at 3 pairs in 3 months, so I’m going okay.

For Ginny’s Yarn Along, I’m posting a picture of (surprise?) a hat for donation.  The For the Children of Pine Ridge group at Ravelry is seeking warming items for March and April – hats, mittens, gloves, cowls, scarves, etc.   This will continue my “use up the acrylic yarn” goal.  The pattern is Knotty but Nice from Knitty, and I’m using some Plymouth Encore worsted that I probably bought to make slippers for one of the boys.  The book is Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.   A passage from this was used in Writing With Ease and Thing 2 seemed to like it, so I checked it out of the library where we promptly forgot about it.  A recent post on a message board with a link to an Amazon review where the rats are described as fascists piqued my interest.   I’m relatively certain I’ve only seen the movie.  I am enjoying the book so far.  Yes, that is the actual chapter I’m on – I didn’t pick that for the photo op.  Also, you can see the book weight I received one Christmas.  I love that thing.  Much better than a hairbrush or other random objects for propping a book open while you do something else with your hands.

I do find myself wondering why on earth I chose a cabled hat after all those cables I just did on the socks.  I think the next one is going to be a bit more plain, if only for my sanity.  Do you have a favorite hat pattern?

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2 Responses to Rats, hats, and also socks

  1. Heather says:

    I like that holder. I usually use a brush or whatever I have lying around the house.My favorite hat pattern is in chunky weight, but you could probably double the yarn for worsted. It is shroom from knitty.

    • ameyknits says:

      You can get posh ones from Levenger, and I think amazon has some. You can google “Book weight” for sources. I think if you were really handy, you could probably make one from canvas (??) and ball bearings or lead shot or something. That’s the basic idea.

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