Staying on task

I set a goal at the beginning of the year to try to avoid buying yarn for all of 2012. I’ve managed to keep that goal, mostly. I’ve acquired some new stash that was given to me, and I did a sock yarn trade that left me with a net loss, but I haven’t spent any money on yarn. So, not too bad.

Back in January I decided to only concentrate on the current quarter – not worry about “cold sheeping” for 12 whole months, but only think about the next three. Those smaller goals are more manageable, and I’ve finished my first quarter. Here are the stats so far. I haven’t deducted anything for the yarn I acquired. Also, for each month I’m counting the yardage for projects I finish in that month regardless of when I started them.

January: 1157.9 yards
February: 753 yards
March: 558 yards.

Total: 2468.9 yards. Not bad. A mile is 1760 yards, so a little over 1.3 miles. Woohoo! I know there are people who do some SERIOUS stash busting, often by using multiple strands or just making knitting their job. I’ve knit things that I wanted to knit (I did want to knit those vampire socks when I started them), whether for me or for some other purpose. Also, I didn’t stockpile things in the house (I’m looking at you, massive pile of dishcloths, but you might be shipping out in May), but rather mailed off things for donation straight away. That said, I’m going to have a storage problem if I do end up knitting 12 pairs of socks this year. My sock drawer is too small.

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One Response to Staying on task

  1. Heather says:

    Very nice. I bought a bit this quarter after my stash-busting. The plus is that I now have things I want instead of what I had acquired over the past 7 yrs, That is quite a bit of yardage down. I keep telling Dave that stash-busting is just reallocation. I move it from yarn to sock or sweater piles.

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