General crankiness

I have no idea if this entry is going to post correctly. If the font and layout looks all wonky, I’ll try to correct it, but it definitely won’t be tonight.
I’d like to be posting for Ginny’s Yarn Along, but my internets are being moody, and waiting 10 minutes for a picture to upload (and Zeus knows – my whole computer might lock up in protest) is no fun, so I’m just not bothering. For what it’s worth, I’m reading Catching Fire because it was about time I finally did. The Hunger Games was amazing. I am glad I waited until all three books were out in print, because the ending of Book 1 made me glad I had book 2 sitting right here. I’m pacing myself, though, and mixing it up with the twelfth Stephanie Plum book (audio).
On the knitting front, I just finished another Milo sweater vest ( It’ll be added to my donation pile that goes out at the end of the month. Imagine it: periwinkle single ply yarn, little horseshoe cable down the one side, about a 12 month size, and a wavy bind off. I should’ve used a smaller needle. Instead, I’m calling it a design feature and telling myself it makes the sweater look more girly.
Holy cats – I’ve just realized. I started using Google Chrome and now wordpress looks different. Perhaps I need to stick with using Firefox with WP? Must investigate when the internets aren’t been all crazypants.
In other news: it’s bad times when you open your washer, hoping to remove freshly washed kitchen linens and instead are greeted with possibly clean laundry and SMOKE. On the plus side, I do mostly keep up with the laundry, so we’re good for a couple of days. However, buying a new washer isn’t a fun new expense.

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3 Responses to General crankiness

  1. Heather says:

    The vest is very nice. I think I need a lead on your donation organizations. I have enough handknits for this climate. The wee folk may begin to protest. UGH on the washer. We took ours straight to salvage. It isn’t even going near storage. $25 went to the new washer fund.

  2. ameyknits says:

    Currently the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation group at Ravelry is doing a drive for warm things: hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, etc. I’m assuming the vest will also be welcome. I started another one in a size down to use up the rest of the periwinkle Lamb’s Pride.
    In May they’re going to look for household things. There is also a “Native American Support” yahoogroup. I’m not sure where they send things, but someone there does blankets, so they’re going to get my Cottonease squares, hopefully.

  3. Mary says:

    I got Someone to pay me for my washer/dryer (broken) to come get them out of my house ( read backyard lol) and take them away

    I am also buried in acrylic yarn btw and just need to get rid of it. Now if my other projects would hurry up lol, or maybe if sock knitting was a little easier to understand lol.

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