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A break from the ribbing.

Wednesday again, which means books and knitting.  Those deadlines have been breathing down my neck!  I managed to finish the baby socks in time for theirs.   I’ve made some progress on the adult socks, but I’m not certain they’ll … Continue reading

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One more week??

Well look at that – the end of May is looming up large in front of me and I’ve got all kinds of things going on.  Being a procrastinator from way back, I am quite familiar with the whole “the … Continue reading

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Sort of like aversion therapy?

This is just a quick post to brag (as if blogging in general isn’t some mild form of bragging or attention seeking…). I haven’t bought yarn since December (i’m not counting the yarn that Laura gave me – I sincerely … Continue reading

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Back on task

After that whole ripping back fiasco, I took a little blogging break, hoping I wouldn’t jinx myself.  I came out alright in the end.  The grey hat worked out (hallelujah!), and I banged out another sweater vest (with different yarn). … Continue reading

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