Back on task

After that whole ripping back fiasco, I took a little blogging break, hoping I wouldn’t jinx myself.  I came out alright in the end.  The grey hat worked out (hallelujah!), and I banged out another sweater vest (with different yarn).  Those blue striped socks, though, are too short in the foot.  I didn’t measure them correctly or something, but on the plus side they’ll fit my 8 year old and he’s excited to wear them.  I’m pretty sure it was a math error that I never went back and checked, coupled with a complete lack of measuring at different points.  I’m letting go of April and moving on to May.

First, though, the totals.  I knitted up 1008.9 yards of yarn in April (remember, this is counting things FINISHED in April, regardless of when they were started).    Adding that to the 2468.9 from January, February and March brings me to a total of  3477.9 yards (nearly 2 miles!).    For those following along at home and trying something similar, I’ve been tagging my projects in Ravelry with [monthyear] (so “april2012” or whatever) so that when I want to add things up at the end of the month, they’re easier to find.

I finally have my act together enough to join Ginny this week.

I started another pair of socks.  My preferred method of knitting socks is two at a time, toe up, on 2 circular needles.  It’s a plain stockinette foot with a 2×2 ribbed foot and a short row, slip stitch heel (with some slip stitch under the heel for extra cushion and durability).   For those who don’t regularly knit socks, sock yarn can come in 50 gram or 100 gram balls (typically;  there are some variations, but that’s relatively standard).  Because I knit both socks at the same time, I need two working balls.  If I start with a 100 gram ball, then I need to split it.  I get out my handy kitchen scale and wind off yarn until I get to 50 grams and then cut it.   Sometimes I try to get right in the middle of a stripe if it seems obvious, but I don’t care about having IDENTICAL socks, so I don’t make a big deal out of it.    I’ve had socks where the stripe pattern was off by an inch or so, or where they matched more if your feet were facing different directions, but it was still pretty obvious that they were from the same ball.

This is possibly the most fraternal looking pair of socks I’ve done.  The repeats are so long that it takes quite a while before you can see where they sync up.  The color palette marks them as coordinating at least.  They remind me a bit of  Little MissMatched socks.  The lumps inside them are the balls of yarn I’m using to knit them.  It helps reduce the tangling.

The book I’m reading is Julie and Julia.  I now know I never want to make aspic from scratch (not that I had big plans to make aspic EVER).  I think the author is pretty funny.  She swears up a storm, though, so be aware if you find that offensive.  Also, this is probably not the book for vegans.   I’m also listening to Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris.  I have the newest book here from the library, but I wanted a brief recap before I read it.  Also, I’m trying to pace myself better.  I was kind of amazed at how slowly I read the Hunger Games series rather than just barreling thru it.  I’m glad I paced myself, but I have very mixed feelings on the series.  VERY.  I found a review on Goodreads that I think sums up my opinion in a better way than I could, and I thank her for that.  I won’t share anymore, because I know so many people are still reading those books.

So, what are you reading?  What are you making?

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4 Responses to Back on task

  1. ameyknits says:

    Also, I use “also” way too much.

    • emmaloock says:

      Did not notice, but now that you mention it. My dear husband thinks I use I too much, but hey, what should I use in it’s place?! 🙂 I did not finish Julie and Julia, but just because I got distracted and started cooking. I should just give up and read The Hunger Games, I know I want to.

  2. Heather says:

    What did the Hunger Games reviewer say. I am curious now. Love your ability to crank out so many hand knits. All those socks – you are amazing. Mismatched is the cool hip thing, ya know.

    • amey says:

      If you go to the Goodreads page for Mockingjay, there’s a review by “Tina” from September 30, 2010. There are spoilers, but I think we share some of the same complaints. I liked the first book. The second was okay, but knowing it was a trilogy, I figured it was going to be a kind of “bridge” and had high hopes for a bang up finale in the last one.

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