Sort of like aversion therapy?

This is just a quick post to brag (as if blogging in general isn’t some mild form of bragging or attention seeking…). I haven’t bought yarn since December (i’m not counting the yarn that Laura gave me – I sincerely thought I was going to need that for something specific and now I don’t, but I’m going to find a use for it). Thing 2 and I had to go to Michael’s today to get dowels for making Zulu-like shields (but not dowels for making spears, much to his dismay). I wandered thru the yarn section like an addict, but walked out without anything. I think I managed to not look at the yarn too closely. I did focus more on the pattern booklets, but nothing grabbed my eye there either.
I walked out of there with the two dowels and a magic paint book thing (remember those old school watercolor painting books where you could use a q-tip to do the painting? A bit like that except that the painting doesn’t have the colors already picked for you – there are little squares of color at the bottom of each picture).

Oh, and I ordered a set of interchangeable needles from KnitPicks since they were having a sale and I’ve convinced myself they’ll be easier for travelling (don’t you all laugh at the same time), but NO YARN.

My next goal is yarnless thru June (I’m working in 3 month chunks – one must set small goals), and I should make that.

Is it bad that it’s only mid-May and I’m planning July/August vacation knitting?

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2 Responses to Sort of like aversion therapy?

  1. Heather says:

    I am impressed. I have not been good at all. I think I am back cold-sheeping as of today. There was just some yarn I needed. And why no spears – what is wrong with you.

  2. amey says:

    Nicholas said, “spears with CARDBOARD points!” Uh, no. You have nerf swords and a battle axe. You do a fine job hurting each other with those – I don’t need to add wooden sticks to the game.

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