One more week??

Well look at that – the end of May is looming up large in front of me and I’ve got all kinds of things going on.  Being a procrastinator from way back, I am quite familiar with the whole “the deadline is when??” feeling.  It usually springs me into action (well, after a short-lived panic stage first).

I was originally thinking that I’d just pick one thing for Ginny’s Yarn Along, but I decided it might be better to see all the things.  It’s no surprise that I’m reading both a paper book (Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris – I have some minor complaints, but whatever.  I’m kind of happy to see the return of two particular characters) and an audiobook (The Regulators by Stephen King – I have mixed feelings on the narrator; he can get kind of breathy at times, but I’m rolling with it).   Deadlocked is my “upstairs” book.  I also have Her Fearful Symmatry for downstairs reading, but I’ve been ignoring it lately in favor of the audiobook or the newspaper.

That’s the books covered; moving on to the knitting.  Top left is a mini/baby sock.  This project is loaded with things I generally don’t like (double pointed needles, although those would be more tolerable if they were shorter; top down sock, things that I’m not sure will actually fit…), but I’m trusting that it will fit some baby somewhere.  Plus it gets me 15 points for Quidditch over in the Harry Potter group.  Heckle all you like.  Center right is a pair of wool shorties.  I had started these in the small/medium size, but I was worried they’d be too big.  Then I’d either be gifting “shorties” that only fit during “longie” season or I’d change my mind and decide to knit longies, but would run out of yarn.  So, like so many other things this year, I ripped them out and started again.  If they end up too small, I’ll hunt down Murphy and curse him with ass boils.   On the bottom are the socks I posted about last week.  I’ve now done some of the leg ribbing, but i’m a bit concerned they might not get finished in a week.  Perhaps I need to plan my time better.  Or at least use it more effectively.

I also wanted to mention that the kids and I have been listening to The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place – The Mysterious Howling.  We quite enjoyed it, and I need to download the second book.  Thing 1 was enjoying it enough that when he had the option to ride with Daddy (rather than with Mommy and Thing 2), he decided to stay with us so that he could hear the story.

What are you reading and making?

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One Response to One more week??

  1. Heather says:

    That says a lot about the book if you would prefer it over riding with Daddy. We have sat in the car in the garage listening to audiobooks that were really good and we couldn’t turn off even to move inside. I miss you, but I can totally hear your voice. Hilarious about the breathy narrator. That can really influence my opinion of the book. I am all over the board knitting wise. Heck, I even started some crochet. Not sure what that says about me. I am sure you will find very happy and eager recipients of your hand knits.

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