Bowling for yarn

Not really, but subject lines are frequently a trial for me.

It’s Wednesday again, so let’s check in with the good folks at Ginny’s Yarn Along.

I’m making mostly consistent forward progress on my sweater back.  I love this yarn more and more – all the different pops of color!  Today I worked on it a little while at the bowling alley.  AMF Lanes are offering all children 2 free games of bowling every day of the summer.  FREE!   Adults can spend $30 and get 2 games every day as well (and the $30 adult fee covers that adult and 3 of his friends – pretty sweet).    We’ve been bowling several times since the program started.  Bowling 2 games doesn’t take that long – I took the kids today and we paid for shoes at 3:25 and were back in the car at 4:30.    Our local alley (lanes?) will let you add games at $1.29/game/person, and we’ve done that a couple of times, too.    FYI: they call it “Summer Unplugged” but that’s not exactly true.  Our local alley plays music (often dance-techno stuff), and there are ads for the snack bar and leagues on the screens over the lanes.   We’re really enjoying it.

Back to the sweater.  I’ve got about 8.5 inches done on the back.  I think I might be loving the yarn more now than when I first purchased it.  Look!  So many little bits of color without looking like clown barf:

You should totally click on the picture to make it bigger.  Go on – check it out.  I’m reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  It’s keeping my interest.  The first Gaiman book I read was The Graveyard Book on the advice of NPR (it was part of their “Backseat Books” program).  Graveyard was an interesting read.  Gods is as well.  I read a lot of fluff, so being able to see where the story is going and vaguely how to get there (barring any quirky twists) is usually easy to predict and there is comfort in that.   With Gaiman’s books I let go more and don’t look much beyond the page I’m reading.    I’m still listening to Slummy Mummy.

To get back to last week’s request for tween books, I broke out the Carl Hiaasen for him this week (the stuff for kids!).  He has enjoyed Flush and Hoot as audiobooks.  We’re waiting for others to become available.    I should probably look at some graphic novels, as well.  It’s hard for me to think of those as “real” books because they look like comic strips (not that comic strips aren’t “real” books, but it’s not like there’s real plot development in a Garfield strip).  So, if you have some suggestions, I’d like to hear them.   He is reading the first Hunger Games book on and off.  He also flips through back issues of National Geographic.  I need to check out the other suggestions made in the comments.

I dawdled on getting the baby pants from last week washed and my friend went and had her baby girl.  So, I did some washing and blocking today of several things (I really thought all the woolen hats and cowls needed to be washed before they got shipped away.  If nothing else, a little time in the Eucalan would soften them up some), and they can go out in tomorrow’s mail.  As much as I want Iris (!!) to grow and thrive, I hope she doesn’t get too big before the package gets to her.

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2 Responses to Bowling for yarn

  1. Heather says:

    I find blocking here takes forever. That dry heat makes a huge difference. I clicked – the specks of color are quite pleasing.

  2. Still Chuckling over your ‘clown barf’ comment!! hahaha. Visiting from the Yarn Along! I think your sweater looks lovely! Your books sound really interesting too. Thanks.

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