Not exactly Peter Cottontail.

I kept thinking I was going to take a picture of a book and knitting today, and then the day got away from me (I know – you have no idea what I’m talking about).  So, instead you just get text for the current yarn along.

Remember me talking about my grand plan for my sweater?  Yeah.  I had an attack of “ooooh shiny!”.  I finished the back and then couldn’t quickly find the needles I needed for the ribbing on the sleeves so I mentally set the project aside.  You might be thinking, “no problem.  i’m sure she just worked on those socks she started!  that’s why we work on more than one thing at a time!”  You’d be wrong.  Instead, I started something new.

Last year or the year before I bought two skeins of Paton’s Stretch Socks in olive.  I don’t know why, because I don’t really like elastic yarn, and the one time I knit socks with a cotton blend yarn I really disliked the process.  I decided to dig that out of the stash and see if I could knit a baby sweater in a week.   I don’t think I’ll be successful, and I’m not too stressed about it (thank you,    However, now I feel crazy motivated to finish this thing and my sweater is staring at me from the basket with a “i thought we really had something, baby” look on its face.

Moving on to books.  I finished American Gods.  I really enjoyed it.  It was a good change from the brain candy I usually read without being heavy.  I started Anansi Boys as my “upstairs” book and The 19th Wife as my “downstairs” book.  A friend just finished that and wanted my take on it.  I’m not FLDS (or even LDS), but when Big Love first came on, I read A LOT of memoirs and similar about the FLDS church.  So, I’d say I have a passing layperson’s understanding of the church.  I’m listening to The Silence of the Lambs.  I just finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I need to find a list of books mentioned in that.  I love how books can lead a reader down so many rabbit trails.  Sometimes they’re fluffy ones (I found new chick lit authors by reading the “You’ll love this book!” blurbs on the covers of other books I liked), sometimes they’re heavier (the FLDS stuff I read got pretty intense at times, and then there was all the Charles Manson stuff I read in high school that lead to a block of serial killer reading…).  They’re almost always good 🙂

Have you explored any good literary rabbit trails?

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2 Responses to Not exactly Peter Cottontail.

  1. Heather says:

    I am always following those leads. Perhaps it has a bit to do with my ohh shiny problem.

  2. Lately my rabbit trails are transexuals…The World According to Garp, Middlesex, and In One Person – and no, I have nothing to disclose 🙂

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