Up too late with books

Oh readers, it’s late.  Last week I left you without a photo for the yarn along.  This week you get a crappy one.  I was going to take a picture earlier this evening and then we had a haboob (or at least a dust storm), which wasn’t conducive to good photo taking.   I SHOULD be finishing the item in this picture rather than talking about it, but it’s after midnight and I probably should be in bed.

First, a quick book list.  I’m having an attack of “Read ALL the things!” and have all kinds of books started everywhere.  I need two days of nothing else going on so that I could just do some serious reading and finishing.  The following books are in progress somewhere:

  • The 19th Wife (pictured)
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Anansi Boys
  • Hannibal
  • Deadlocked

I think that’s everything.  Similarly, I’ve been “knitting ALL that things” which has been a problem because things aren’t getting finished that should (let’s not talk about the deadlines I set for the sweater…), and then I’m starting random things.  Case in point, the sweater pictured here.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it (it’s clearly not a shower gift, which is fine), but I’ve enjoyed knitting it.  It’s definitely better to knit something happily than to knit something just to meet an arbitrary deadline.  I set the deadline, so I’m breaking it.  So there.

That’s a Baby Surprise Jacket.  I know – it looks nothing like a sweater.  I’m in the middle of a row in a uniquely designed sweater, so it’s mostly just a mound of pleasantly springy garter stitch.   I love garter stitch.  Currently in ACTIVE “work in progress” state I have:

  • the Baby Surprise Jacket (less than 10 more rows, but then there’s the sewing on of buttons)
  • the June socks (I’m working on the gussets, which means I also have heels and legs left to do)
  • the Peace Fleece sweater (it’s glaring at me from the basket.  I’ve finished the back and casted on the sleeves)

Oh , and I wanted to comment about Graphic novels since I asked about them the other week.  I got a couple out of the library:

Thing 2 (newly 9) really liked the illustrations in Copper, and has enjoyed the Tintin stories (we watched the movie last week), but they’ve all been read a couple of times in the 2 weeks we’ve had them.    I also picked a couple other random books out based on Thing 1’s comment about how he liked the text in a book (decent margins, crisp font).  To that end, he has read and enjoyed Riley Mack and (a surprise for me honestly – I didn’t think he’d actually read this) Ragweed.  He wants to read more of both of those.    There are many more books in the Ragweed/Poppy series.  There IS another Riley Mack book, but it’s scheduled to come out next April, so he’ll have to wait for that.  Thing 1 is reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series currently.  He read the first book last year and didn’t want to read anymore,  but he’s rediscovered them.  Oh, and if you have children who like Greek Myths, we found the “Myth-o-Mania” series at the library.  They are retellings of several myths, retold by Hades (so you can get the “true” story).  Thing 2 has read each one of them at least twice if not more.

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