Summer nomads

I realized in the grocery store earlier that it was Wednesday and that our day is relaxed enough that I should be able to fit in a blog post.   I’ve been most regular about posting on Wednesdays because of Ginny’s Yarn Along, and it’s why I’m posting today.  First, though, I wanted to talk about vacation calendars.

Every summer, we make a long trip to the east coast.  The trip varies a little every year, but always includes time in Upstate New York as well as Long Island.  We left Arizona on a Thursday and I’ve lost track of the days; I find I have to recap the entire schedule in order to figure out what day it is (Thursday we flew, Friday was at my grandmother’s house, Saturday was the wedding…).  Normally I’m pretty good about knowing what day it is, but I can be useless on vacation.  I do keep counting off, though, because we do usually have some kind of schedule to keep at least by day (on Friday we meet up with ABC or whatever).   If we were in the same spot for the whole time it would probably be easier.  Instead, we’ve been gone 6 days and are at our fourth sleeping location.  We are summer nomads.

As for the knitting.  I left the sweater pieces at home.  I didn’t want to deal with the pieces on vacation (being nomadic, it’s easy to lose stuff).   I brought yarn to work on the mystery shawl along that I signed up for last month.  I also brought enough yarn to knit up a baby surprise jacket, my socks from June, as well as little balls of yarn to knit up some cup cozies and a washcloth.   So, I’ve used up some small bits of yarn (I don’t have the scale, so I can’t weigh things and get accurate counts for yardage – I don’t know if I’ll ever have an accurate count for July).

There you go – one cup cozy (not a koozy or a coozie or a koozee.  A COZY.  Just like how you feel cuddled up with tea and a book), hanging out on the porch of the island rental.   I don’t have a picture of knitting with a book because I forgot to take one (and I’m not getting the camera out again).  I left my copy of The 19th Wife back at the library, but conveniently I was able to get it from the library out here.  It’s back at our original destination – we return there at some point.  Currently I’m reading Middlesex in print and I’m listening to The Queen of Babble and Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.  I need to concentrate more when I’m listening to Tomatoes, so I’ve been listening to it less.

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1 Response to Summer nomads

  1. Heather says:

    I have the audio version of Middlesex. Need a quiet moment to start it. Instead I am listening to The Tiger’s Wife. I adore your COZY.

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