Real life re-entry

I probably should’ve posted about yarn total usage for July, but I was traveling at the end of the month without a scale and couldn’t give a final tally.  I’ll do one for July and August combined (assuming I actually finish anything in August, which right now seems a little touch and go or something) (oh wait – I finished June’s socks in August, so go me!).

We are finally back at home after touring the northeast for about a month.  I flew home with the boys last night, and was thinking about what today might be like (unpacking, grocery shopping, general re-entry kinds of things) and figured that taking a picture for Ginny’s Yarn Along might slip my mind, so I took one on the plane.  Taking pictures on a plane flying in the evening is a little tricky.  The cabin lights are dim, so I had my personal overhead light on and that isn’t the best lighting.  You also have to deal with “do I keep taking pictures until I’m sure I like one well enough on the little point & shoot screen OR do I take a couple and call it done so that I’m not ‘that guy’ with the flash going off 415415 times?”.   I went for the latter.  I did a couple with and without the flash with a couple different zoom lengths and quit.  The best of the collection is seen here:

That’s a Baby Surprise Jacket in progress (I had one mildly delusional moment when I was less than halfway done and had just boarded the plane.  We had a 4.5 hour flight ahead of us and a mother flying alone with a cute baby sat across from us.  I actually thought “Maybe I’ll finish this on the flight and I’ll give it to that mom.”  That sweater is here with me.).  The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Ice House” (I’d link directly to LL, but their site is all “mouse over to see…” rather than clear links to product lines)  and that thicker “stripe” of aqua is my provisional cast on so that I can do an i-cord bind off around the whole thing.  I won the bag at the Friends of Camp Little Notch Reunion Weekend raffle (go click it, you know you want to join).  The book I was reading is Angels by Marian Keyes.  I’m reading thru her whole Walsh Family series right now while some heavier stuff takes a back seat.  I like her books because while they do all deal with something “heavy” there is still a lightness to them and a goodly amount of humor – like in the little bit of text you can see where someone asks “What do those lads do?” and someone else responds with “Catch VD.”

Oh, and to state the obvious, yes – I flew with knitting.  The TSA agent didn’t ask me any questions about it, nor was I bothered by flight attendants.  You know who was bothered by TSA?  The guy who had something in a wrapped package.  Fun fact: TSA won’t let you unwrap your package “so that the paper stays nice” – the agent has to open it.

What are you working on?  What are you reading or listening to this week?

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