Reorganizing and regrouping

Well, August hasn’t been incredibly productive stash reduction wise, but things are moving along.  I’m nearly finished with that blue-green baby sweater (see what I mean about my airplane delusion?).  I’m starting to think about other things I’d like to make and I think I might want to do another “hats and cowls” burst.  I learned that I can list things on ebay and have any or all of the purchase price be a donation to a charitable group.  Ebay will then credit my fees in equal proportion (if you donate 20%, they waive 20%.  donate 100% and they waive 100%).  So, I could knit hats or mittens or fingerless gloves and be able to donate the winnings to Camp or whatever.  I’m definitely considering it.

About that sweater.

If I remember correctly, I have 2 more rows to do, so I’ll be finished tonight with the body of the sweater.  I’m planning a i-cord bind off around the whole thing, so the knitting isn’t completely done yet, but should be by the end of the month.  The book in the picture is A Midsummer Tights Dream by Louise Rennison.   I got a copy of her book Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging a couple of years ago in a swap or something and thought it was wonderfully funny.  I read and then listened to the entire series (must be read in order as they’re diaries).  They’re Young Adult, and they’re not going to win literary prizes, but they’re a great place for my brain to rest.  Rennison then started a second series with the main character being a cousin of Georgia (the diarist from Angus).  The first one is Withering Tights.  Midsummer is the second.

I’m also listening to Shoe Addicts Anonymous which I saw in Target and decided to try (I saw the book there – I got the audio version from the library).  I have Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married on my Nook.  I’ve put Middlesex down for a while (I’ll be honest, it took a backseat to the ease of reading on the Nook – I don’t have to prop the Nook open while I read and do something else with my hands), and I’ll try again with The 19th Wife at some point.  Those of you who read with Ginny – what are you doing or making?

I have a small update on the stash organization front.  A couple of posts ago I talked about labels for the bins in my Expedit. I did find online that lots of people have used luggage tags which is a smashing idea and I seriously considered it for a second.  Then I realized that I needed something more immediate.  So, I took a sheet of cardstock and I randomly colored it with colored pencils.  I was going to cut it into fun shapes, but realized I’d better stick with simple or else I’d get lost on the internet looking for tag templates.  So, I colored, I cut into rectangles and I labeled.

Hang on a second.  I need to give a little more backstory here.  While the kids and I were in New York, DH hired painters to deal with most of the inside of the house.  I had mentioned doing some clean up to get ready for that, and while I did get the kids’ stuff organized, I did almost nothing with my own.  So, I came home to several boxes of random stuff from my flat surfaces that DH had packed up for me to deal with.  In unpacking the boxes, I realized I had one completely empty itso bin.  We continue with our story in progress….

I labeled all the bins that already had yarn and knitting things in them.  Then I realized that I still had some yarn in a Rubbermaid bin.  It looked like an amount that would fit in the empty itso bin.  Huzzah!  ALL of the yarn is now in the Expedit, in (generally) labeled bins.

The two cubbies that aren’t dotted are mostly knitting books.  That one on the left is knitting books, a pattern binder and my high school yearbooks, mostly because the yearbooks fit there.  I think you can see the top of Noisy Cat in that picture, too.  The “font” on the labels isn’t anything fantastic, and I picked the crappier sharpie when I did the labeling, but it’s DONE.  And I reclaimed a big ole Rubbermaid bin, which is handy.  Oh, and I tied the labels on with yarn.  Because those bead chains would’ve added another opportunity to get off task.  My friend Sarah posted recently about “perfect being the enemy of done” and I didn’t want to fall into that trap.

In addition to the unpacking, I’m also trying to get ready for another homeschooling year.  I neglected to factor in shipping times when I thought about when I’d order stuff, so we may end up getting a slightly later start than I’d like, or a more gradual start based on what arrives when, but today was productive in that regard.   The boys cleaned out last year’s stuff, we’ve started getting things ready for this year, and I’m feeling a bit more reorganized.  Of course, I still have one box left to unpack and it’s all stuff that was in a pile because I didn’t know what to do with it.  I need to get aggressive with it this weekend.

As autumn approaches, do you do any special organizing or rearranging?

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  1. Each New Year I see and hear various resolutions for the upcoming year. For me, the time is fall: The rugs need to be cleaned, the canning needs to get done, the freezer needs to be filled, a stockpile of book titles and history needs to be chosen and lazy summer habits need to be replaced by more diligent ones… maybe it’s because I’m an Autumn baby, maybe it’s the leftover school routine, maybe it’s time spent living beyond the plowed road…whatever it is, this is the time of year when I take stock and set goals.

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