Back to school, back to socks

To start with, let’s “do the numbers” as they say on Marketplace.

July knitting: 248.1 yards

August knitting: 250 yards (this is a guesstimate since I lost the labels to that yarn long ago and have no idea what it actually is)

New grand total: 4921.5 yards or 2.8 miles (or 14764.5 feet, 22.4 furlongs, etc).

Both July and August felt kind of disappointing, but maybe that’s just because I felt a little ambivalent about knitting.  We were relatively busy, too.  I think many people see a dip in knitting output over the summer because of vacations and the heat.  Now that we’re back home, I’ve managed to finish a baby vest and I’ve started socks again.  I’m enjoying these, so I guess I’ve got my sock mojo back?  Taking that break from making actual socks was nice and I think it was long enough that I actually wanted to make socks again.  Of course, now I want to make socks rather than do other things (like laundry or child care…).

Our boxes of supplies for another homeschooling year have arrived.  We bought our first microscope and spent Monday getting to know it for a while.   We looked at a honeybee mouth, celery, onion, cola, coffee, tea, snake skin, fish scale… so many different things.  I do use some ebooks for homeschooling.  I like that some publishers are offering both, especially when there are workbooks involved.  I’d much rather print my own than have to worry about a child spilling something or tearing a page or whatever and wrecking a section of a book.  With the ebooks, I only print what we’re actually using this week.  Ebooks are handy also because I can decide that I want the book today and have it in 5 minutes (rather than the 10 days it can take for things to get here by post).

Speaking of ebooks (nice transition, there, huh?)… this shot is my contribution to Ginny’s Yarn Along.  In the picture, you can see the Milo vest I just finished and the socks I’ve just started.   The sock yarn is Opal Ladybug and the vest is Lamb’s Pride.  The “book” is the Teacher’s Manual to Logic Stage Biology from Elemental Science.   We used ES for Physics last year and liked it well enough.  My kids aren’t huge fans of writing, and there’s a decent amount of it in Biology.  I’m trying to start slow and work up as the year progresses.

What else am I reading?  Well, the “books in progress” list is pretty stagnant – Middlesex, Tights, etc.  Instead of the things in progress, I just finished reading The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes.  On audio, I’m listening to Jenna and Jonah’s Fauxmance which is young adult fiction, and while it’s not going to win any awards, it’s restful listening for my brain.

Oh, I also finished the socks from June:

I started seaming the blue-green baby sweater and messed something up somewhere and I’m trying to decide if it’s “good enough” or if I should rip the whole thing back.  This might mean undoing the entire sweater because of live stitches and edge stitches and general craziness.  Ugh.  I’ll have to post a picture of that at some point and get opinions.

What does back to school look like at your house?



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