Last minute Wednesday

So it’s managed to get to Wednesday evening without my taking a good daylight picture.  I’d tell you it was because we were busy with Thing 1’s birthday, but that’s honestly not true.  It’s just that the day got away from me as many days have been lately.  I managed to take an inside picture just now so that I stick to the generally regular Wednesday posts as part of the Yarn Along.  Wanna see?

These are my “September socks” (aka the “I finally have sock mojo again” socks).  Heels are turned and now I’m just into the home stretch of 2×2 ribbing.  As an English knitter, ribbing is not my BFF.  It’s a bit slow going for me, but I’m working on it.

My print book this week is The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.  I’m enjoying it.  I’m enjoying the narrator (??  it’s sort of a collective narrator, with a side of third person or something).  You’ll understand if you use the “look inside” on Amazon.  I think it sounds more complicated than it is.

I’m relatively certain that the one glass of Moscato I had when I started has gone to my head, so I’m going to go get the dishes washed up before the boys all get home from ice hockey practice.

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