It’s a mystery

Yet again I thought all day about taking a well lit picture outside, and instead I took one at my desk at 10pm under the energy efficient lightbulbs.  As a result, you get a lousy picture.

I’m working on a mystery shawl that was organized by my local yarn store.  I didn’t play along when they were actually doing it because it was in the middle of our summer travels and I had other things on the needles.  I’ve printed out all the clues and am now working my way thru them.  You can sort of see the pattern underneath the shawl. The yarn is Cascade Heritage Silk and that will be my “sock yarn” used up for October (whether or not I get thru a whole skein – the pattern calls for 2).  That was some of the yarn I acquired this year.

You can also see a coaster made by my friend Sarah and a tiny binder clip.  I really like binder clips.

As part of the Yarn Along with Ginny I should probably also let you know what I’m reading.  I’m finishing up A Casual Vacancy in print and have moved on to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on audio. I’m still enjoying Stephen Fry.

What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

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