Day 17 and the Sunlight Home

I am thankful for:

  1. old school ice cream parlors
  2. colored spiking gel
  3. hallowe’en
  4. the state fair
  5. Stephen King
  6. pretzel rolls
  7. dried cherries


Since it’s Wednesday and I had my act together earlier (which is honestly surprising considering the day we had, but I’ll take it), I snapped a picture for the Yarn Along with Ginny this morning.

Progress has been made on the shawl, but if you look at that picture closely, you’ll see that I haven’t made it yet to the “done by 10/20” note I made/goal I set when I started.  So, I’m behind.  Huge surprise, right?  All that ripping out and reknitting was a definite progress inhibitor.  I started using stitch markers because while there aren’t consistent motifs repeating, they’re a big help in counting stitches and seeing if I’ve finished some section of directions correctly.  They also make it easier when I need to undo something.  :/   The book there is The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub.  I bought Black House some time ago and was finally getting around to reading it and realized it’s a sequel, basically, to Talisman.  I knew that when I bought it, but had forgotten.  Wanting to refresh my memory, I’ve borrowed Talisman from the library’s ebook collection (I might have it in hardcover, but a bunch of our books are packed away right now).  I’ve reached the point where Jack and Wolf (“Right here and now!”) have been taken to the Sunlight Home and I’m considering skipping this section.  I had forgotten about it and it kind of makes me sick to my stomach.  ugh.

I’m still listening to Harry Potter on audiobook.  I finished The Goblet of Fire today, so I need to put book 5 on my ipod for bed tonight.  I’m still enjoying Stephen Fry’s narration.

Oh, and since I’m definitely not finishing anything else tonight, I can give the October total and YTD total!  Yay!  In October, I knit up 469.7 yards.  The yearly total is now 5700.9 yards!   That’s just over 3 miles.  Excellent.  I’ve also been discovering parts of my stash that I’d forgotten about (I’m looking at you, Cotton-ease) that I’m now interested in finding a project for.  I’m still dealing with limited total yardage, though, so I’ll be sticking with small things, I’m sure.

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1 Response to Day 17 and the Sunlight Home

  1. Anke says:

    Looks like a very intricate pattern, can’t wait to see the finished shawl.

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