7 things day 28

I forgot to do this last night, and I’ll post day 29 later today.  I mentioned “my grandfathers” on Veteran’s Day, but I feel like I should make a better accounting of the Vets I know.

I am thankful for:

  1. My maternal grandfather
  2. My paternal grandfather
  3. My FIL
  4. My cousin in MN who enlisted after doing CAP
  5. My maternal grandmother who helped build planes for the Brits and was the first woman in her factory
  6. Her siblings who served
  7. Step-FIL
  8. PS and LD – local friends who served in the Persian Gulf
  9. JR who was serving in Iraq and ended up with a major head wound caused by a roadside bomb
  10. all the people I can’t remember
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