7 things day 55

Hey look!  I’m all caught up.  Of course, i just sat here and marked the rest of the days so I’d know what number i SHOULD be on at any given time.  Turns out, December 31st is Day 78.  Apparently when I saw “days left” that didn’t include the day I was looking.  Or something.  Who knows how the magical day counting fairies did the counting.  I’ve committed.  This may mean I only go thru day 77 with something else on the last day of 2012, or maybe I’ll just be in an appetizer and champagne coma that evening.  We’ll see.

I am thankful for:

  1. spur of the moment dinners out with good friends
  2. times when i can grocery shop childless
  3. the Bill of Rights
  4. Goodwill
  5. instant messaging
  6. The Radcliffe Camera  (it’s my favorite building)
  7. children who like to read and be read to
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