Day 75 and a quick update

I went back thru my finished projects for November and realized that the only things I finished were 2 chapstick cozies.  Chapstick cozies.  I think I used like 12 yards of yarn.  Shameful.  Of course, I was wrestling with that shawl.  And now December isn’t looking all that great.  Oh well.  I made a quick list of recent WIP, in case you’re interested.

  1. the red baby sweater
  2. the emerald socks
  3. that blue baby surprise jacket that I think I have to rip out and reknit
  4. the shawl (grrrrrrrrrr)

So, it’s day 75 (well, yesterday was, but I’ve realized I’m going to stop at 77, so I”m okay with being off rather than going to 78).

I am thankful for:

  1. city recycling
  2. window markers
  3. Greek myths
  4. fairy tales
  5. porch swings
  6. snowflakes (paper or real)
  7. potato chips


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