Yarn along: 2013/1

I need a better title for this entry.  I wanted some way to keep track of what week of the year it was for the Yarn Along with Ginny.  Just “Yarn Along Week 1” didn’t seem right since it’s not my first week ever of doing it.  However, I didn’t want to start the new year with a random number (assuming I could be bothered to go back thru my posts to figure out what actual week this is for me, which I can’t).  So, I have that title up there, and I’m not completely happy with it.  My point was that is was year/week, but I think I need to come up with a better system.

Guess who forgot to take a picture during the day and now has a camera with dead batteries?  Yeah, this gal.  I know pictures are an important element of the yarn along, but I also know you good folks will let me slide this week.  Books or knitting first?  I think books.

I’m currently reading A Game of ThronesI listened to that last year when the series started on HBO, but I know some things were lost to me, so I wanted to actually read it.  Of course, I’ve checked it out as an ebook and am concerned I won’t actually finish it before I have to return it, so I should put it on hold again since there’s always a wait for that book.  Maybe that’s one I need as a regular print book since the loan is longer.  I am listening to a literary masterpiece: Size 12 and Ready to Rock.  I’m a fan of Meg Cabot audiobooks – they don’t require a lot of concentration, but they keep me company.  Oh, yeah – I’ve finish the Harry Potter books.  The last one kind of dragged a little, and I should’ve listened to something else and then gone back to Potter, but I powered thru.

As for the knitting.  Just before I started typing, I finished the first project of 2013 – a washcloth that used up 3 different end bits of cotton, with a little extra from a bigger ball to finish it.  It is UNSIGHTLY, but will function fine as a dishcloth.  Back in December I started a pair of socks and that red baby sweater (or did I start that in November?) and those are still in progress.  I got some new sock yarn for Christmas (that grey/brown ragg, if you’re interested).  That reminds me – I should see how many pairs of socks (or skeins of sock yarn) I really did knit up in 2012.  I was busy with socks last year!  I was going to buy yarn for the Downton Abbey KAL (it’s free!) but I waited too long and they’re sold out of the specific DA colorway.  So, I’ll use something from my stash instead, which is a better idea, honestly.

What are you reading and making?

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