Yarn Along 2013: Week 3

Why wasn’t this title obvious?  Who knows.  I don’t know if I should go back and change the others or if it’ll mess things up somewhere in the magical intertubes, so maybe it’s best to just move forward from this point.  So say you all?  Super.  Motion carried.

So, here I sit with tea, a cat and Downton Abbey.  I really should give it my full attention, but I want to multi-task, so you get half my attention.  Forgive the mistakes.  Let’s start with a picture, shall we?

cranberry cables and socksI’m still reading A Clash of Kings and my audiobook is completely ignored unless I’m in the car alone.  I wonder, as I read these books, if everyone is as attached to certain characters as I am or if they have different favorites.  Having read the first one, I read the second with a certain amount of trepidation.  I keep reading later than I should in the evenings (which makes for late mornings).  While his chapters aren’t exactly as short as things from James Patterson, they still seem quite short.  As a result, I keep saying, “Okay.  I’ll just read ONE more…” and then it’s 1:30am and zombiehood is in my future.

The knitting in the picture is a pair of green socks (yes, of course – more socks).  I don’t remember when I bought that yarn, but I’m glad it’s getting knit up.  I’m enjoying the colors; that’s my usual plain vanilla sock pattern.  There is also a cabled hat in progress.  I’m using the Cranberry Sauce pattern from Tangled.   It’s using up a lingering skein of yarn and I’m hoping there’s enough to finish it.

I was looking thru my postings from this time last year and noticed that I had promised hats to Craft Hope.  I’m relatively sure that I still have many of those.  This seems to be a problem of mine – knitting things for charity and then never actually shipping the finished items.   I’m trying again, and I’ve found that a local doctor collects hats and similar items that he distributes to the homeless youth he sees.  I need to finish this hat and then make a trip to drop off the bag of things I have.  Hopefully by this time next week I’ll have an update related to that.

Do you make things for charities?  What do you make and for whom?

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2 Responses to Yarn Along 2013: Week 3

  1. Debi Miller says:

    I am also listening to A Clash of Kings. My favorite character so far is Aryia. I also like Jon. I had to take a break between the first and second books because it was so intense for me. Thanks for showing the Cranberry Sauce hat! I have been looking for the perfect cabled hat to knit for myself and this one fits the bill! I enjoyed your post!

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