Yarn Along Week 6

I was all kinds of on the ball this week.  You can enjoy the fruits of my labors 🙂

My dad and step-mom flew in for a very quick visit this week, so we’ve played tourist a little bit.  We’ve eaten out a lot (yay!  no dishes!), seen some things and had a lovely time.  They got to see Thing 2 skate (ice hockey practice), and treated the kids to some new toys that I’m already growing to loathe (http://www.xploderz.com/products/x2-invader-700/  – it’s a toy gun that shoots these little beads that you have to “grow” in water).

Let’s back up a little though.  On Monday, Thing 2 took a class at the local aquarium on ocean acidification as part of their homeschool week.  Thing 1 didn’t want to go, so he stayed home and did some “getting ready for company” chores, which was really helpful.  After we were done with the class, we wandered thru the rest of the aquarium, had lunch in the mall, and then went to the airport.  I remembered to bring my Nook and knitting to the class, so I got a (lousy) picture of it in front of my favorite marine creature:

jellyfish and socksYeah – the jellyfish.  Despite several awful stings during summer vacations in Delaware, they really are my favorite thing in an aquarium.   I’m not sure how to take a better picture of this, but I may try again at the next class they offer.

On Tuesday, we loaded up almost everyone (hey, someone has to make the big bucks, and that’s DH right now) and headed to Tucson.  We had considered going to the Grand Canyon, but the long time in the car, especially in the middle of all the flying dad and SM were doing, led us to choose a shorter trip.  We went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.   They had never been before, and the weather has been fantastic for trips outside.  I learned that the museum has just opened a small aquarium on site where we saw these:

garden eelsThey’re garden eels.  I really should post a closer up picture, but the wiki picture will have to suffice.  I was fascinated with them.  I think you might have to click on the picture to get a better view of them.  Maybe I’ll post again soon and show a better picture.

I took another knitting (but not reading – I had it with me, but forgot to take it out) shot at the museum:

socks and cactusThere – welcome to the desert.  We got to see some raptors in a free-flight demonstration, an assortment of animals, and walked a couple of miles of trails.  It was a great day!

Today, we had a more low key day, which I needed after all the driving yesterday.  We had a slow start at home (using new toys), and then headed out for lunch and sweet treats at the local soda fountain.    New flavor combinations were tried, we learned that they’ll give you samples of the syrup flavors and that you can get free refills on the non-ice cream choices (italian sodas and egg creams)!    After some browsing among all the vintage items, we headed over to the Japanese Friendship Garden.  Some more walking in the lovely weather, and picture taking.   Dad and SM were trying to soak up the warm weather – there’s a blizzard schedule for their neck of the woods this weekend.

socks and feeding frenzyYou can feed the koi at the friendship garden.  The koi and ducks swarm this bridge whenever people are on it.  They get this crazy when they’re actually being fed.  Again, no book, but more of the same knitting.

They fly on to their next stop CRAZY early tomorrow, so this is the end of our tourism week.  The rest of my week will be spent getting ready for next week and getting back into a bit of a routine (before we fall out again with the next round of company).

When the jellyfish picture was taken, I was still reading A Storm of Swords.  I’ve since finished that and have started A Feast for Crows.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to finish it before my loan expires, but I’m not worried about it.   I can always request it again.  I’m listening to The Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore.  I can’t remember if I had started that last week, but my audiobooks are definitely moving slower lately than the print books.  All of the knitting in those pictures are plain vanilla socks using Paton’s Kroy in the grey-brown ragg color.

Do you ever play “tourist” in your own city?  What are some of your favorite places?


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2 Responses to Yarn Along Week 6

  1. Heather says:

    We should take a little trip to Tucson. I haven’t gone to the desert museum in a long time. Or perhaps Boyce. And I had no idea the aquarium did classes too. Jellyfish are just plain beautiful. Didn’t more write Lamb-funny guy he is!

  2. ameyknits says:

    They are having homeschool weeks a couple of times this year: http://www.visitsealife.com/Arizona/homeschool/ The one we went to was only 30 minutes long, and it gives you all day access to the aquarium.

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