This year

My friend Heather wrote a post about her word for the year.  It made me think about what might be a good word for me to focus on this year.   Parts of last year were rough and disorganized for me, which doesn’t feel like me.  I used to be the person who remembered birthdays (and actually mailed cards), who had a general idea of what was going on with everyone in the family, who was a good friend, etc.  Lately, though, I’ve felt more like things were whirling around me and I was just trying to keep my feet on the floor.

So, for the past couple weeks, I’ve been trying to go back to an old school “to-do” list.  It’s written down, and I’m keeping it in a 5×7 (?) notebook that was actually a baby shower favor at some point.  I don’t always get to everything on the list in the time I initially plan to, and some things I simply eliminate (it was a good idea for the list, but fails in execution), but the writing down is helping me organize myself – both physically and mentally.


I’ve changed my format a little because I realized that having “knitting” and a more traditional “to do” list on the same page wouldn’t work.  I get thru the normal stuff much faster than the knitting.  I did still want to keep the knitting list, so I started a new one on the last page of the notebook.  The to-do lists are at the front.  Sometimes they’re daily, sometimes they’re plans for several days (like this past weekend).  There are times the list includes mentions of other lists to make (like the menu/grocery list that I do elsewhere), which DH finds funny.

In thinking about all of this, I decided that a good word for me this year would be PREPARE.  I need to make more physical lists, especially for recurring things.  One of the kids has asked for a revised bedtime task list, and I think he’d also benefit from a daytime list of expectations.    I need to show him some examples and see what might appeal to him.  I saw Ginny’s lists and wonder if they’re too “loose” or if they’ll work for him.

I would love a laminator right now.

Do you have a word for the year?  Do you make lists?

PS. I finally updated the “about me” page.   Thank you to Katharina for the reminder that I’d never actually posted anything there.  You should definitely check out her blog – she’s been all over the place!

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2 Responses to This year

  1. Heather says:

    I like the word “prepare.” I too have that feeling of all over the place, and I do so love lists. Tell D of course you cannot have the grocery list in the main list – that defies logic.

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