Yarn Along 2013: Week 9

I realized today that I’ve been pretty monogamous knitting-wise this month.  I think almost all of my pictures from February have included the same pair of socks.  I’d love to finish these by tomorrow, but ribbing just goes sooooooooo slowly.  Bleh.  I noticed this evening that the ribbing has gotten off in a few places (a random knit that should be a purl, etc), but I don’t care enough to rip the stitch down.

Lust lizard, greek gods and socksI think I might still be reading the same things as I posted about with Ginny last week.   My audiobook is The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove by Christopher Moore.  I’m nearly done with that; I think I’m on the last section.  I’m still reading Gods Behaving Badly, but my turn for the George RR Martin book I was reading has come up again, and I may pick that back up rather than finishing Gods which seems to be easier to borrow.  First, though, I need to reinstall it onto my Nook.

In other news, I’m generally keeping up with list making (and list completing).  I had mislaid my faithful orange notebook earlier this week, but kept making lists on scrap paper (of which I have reams).   MIL flew in today, so I made a list this morning of my highest priority items to tackle before we drove to the airport, and we got those things done.   We even got lunch out!  I’ve made a list of all the obligations we have while she’s here (Thing 2 has started baseball.  This is in addition to the hockey season that’s ending, so currently he has 5 days in a row of sports obligations.  Thing 1 is still banned from sports as his wrist recovers).

How is your February shaping up?  Did you make any resolutions for the new year?  Are you making progress on them?  Did you pick a “word” for the year?  Is that still working for you or do you need to regroup or reconsider?


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4 Responses to Yarn Along 2013: Week 9

  1. Heather says:

    Eager to be settled is my word now 😉 Just a few more weeks and we arrive home. Love your sock. I notice monogamy really helps a project move along.

  2. Katharine says:

    Why is it that it takes so long to realise that making lists then doing the things on them is a great way to get things done? It has taken me years to get there. More than I’d care to admit.

    Good luck with the ribbing! Do you knit in the European or continental style? I am just finishing my first sweater knot entirely in continental and don’t think I’d ever knot ribbing European style again. So much faster and definitely worth the effort to learn.

    • ameyknits says:

      I’m an “English” knitter (so I “throw”) – not continental. I know I should learn continental for ribbing, and instead I just plod on. My grandmother is English (married an American serviceman during the war and moved over here), and she taught me.

      • Katharine says:

        I just learned Rnglish because that’s what the woman who taught me knew. I just finished my first sweater completely in continental and still on the last row I took up the yarn as if to throw. Old dogs and all I suppose.

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