Field trip: Natural bridge

We really need to take more family field trips.  It can be challenging, though, when Thing 1 has such a hard time with trying new things.  He didn’t want to come on this trip, but wasn’t really given a choice.  I woke up feeling less than 100% but opted to go, thinking that I really wanted him to go and my staying home would cause further strife.  I figured if I wasn’t feeling much improved at our location, I’d nap in the car or read at a picnic table while everyone else explored.  I’m glad I powered thru.

This is my first time inserting a “Gallery.”  Thoughts?  Is this okay or would you rather have multiple large pictures?

Thing 2 had a terrific time and was frequently the leader.  Thing 1 started talking about what he’d do when we came back.  We made sure he had his wrist brace (which actually started to bother him near the end – he missed the increased range of motion he’d been experiencing without it, but we wanted to be sure he had the support while climbing) on this trip.  He really liked all the big muscle work – the climbing and balancing.  He liked trying different paths and I reminded him that he might need to visualize a route before trying it – thinking a few steps ahead is something he’s working on.

We talked about personal climbing space.  I generally prefer a good 2 foot bubble (or more) on all sides and I prefer to climb without help if I can avoid it.  I like the thoughfulness of climbing – thinking about where rocks and routes are, gauging distances (not a big area of strength for me, but I have a safe idea of my typical reach/lunge).  We also talked about testing rocks before you step on them, and letting those behind you know if things are wobbly.

I DID bring knitting with me on the trip (for the car ride), but I got very little done.  I just realized as I was posting pictures that I should’ve thrown it in the backpack so that I could’ve taken a picture of it somewhere.  Oh well.  Instead of knitting in the car, I listened to my current audiobook and sort of napped.  I couldn’t get completely comfortable in the car, but I was tired.  I was glad I felt good enough to do the hike.  It really was fantastic.

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One Response to Field trip: Natural bridge

  1. Heather says:

    I am glad the trip went well. Sometimes one of the kiddos will mention wanting to go home, so they can do whatever. I try to let it pass and move on reminding them of what we are doing in the present. Inside it drives me to drink! I am eager to get back to AZ and resume our wanderings there.

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