A rainy, busy Friday

For the past week or so, I’ve been checking the weather after noticing that it was supposed to rain today.  When today first showed up on a 10 day forecast, I tried not to get excited – weather patterns change and 10 days is pretty far out.  That rainy Friday stuck around, though, and at some point overnight it started to rain.  It was raining when I woke up and it rained all day long.  I woke up thinking, “today would be a perfect day for tea, and knitting, and books, and board games, and general coziness.  those boys downstairs, though, are going to want scootering, and jumping in the gutters, and general outdoor physicalness.  Sigh.”

Then, Thing 2 came in for a morning cuddle with the cat and me, and mentioned that it was later than I had thought (rainy mornings do that, don’t they?  it stays darker to encourage sleeping in).  So, I got up to get the day started (knowing that I had to get Thing 1 to two appointments today).  I opened an early birthday present and tried to negotiate the “I want to show you all the cool things about this!” from DH with the more practical “I need to get dressed and organized to get out the door!” from me.

As an aside, the rain just picked up dramatically again – I love the sound.

We got to the first appointment (in the rain), went to lunch (in the rain), ran two errands (in the rain), had a little Starbucks break (conveniently in the same spot as the second errand since at one point it went from a steady, gentle rain to a POUNDING rain, and then back again in time for us to leave), and then to the second appointment (in the rain).  We got home to find Thing 2 outside with the neighbor, riding scooters (in the rain).  Thing 1 joined them.  I found it impressive that despite it being about 50F outside, they managed to get sweaty.  They went back out after dinner to get dirtier ;).

I wanted a calmer evening, so I offered to put on The Secret World of Arrietty, turn on the fireplace, and make hot chocolate before showers and bed.  DH had gone out to help his grandparents with some financial stuff, so there was no television competition.  The boys invited a neighbor over and they settled in for a quiet evening, much to my joy.  Now I’m sitting at the computer with the cat in my lap and a mug of tea at my side.  Shortly I’ll break out the knitting.  The two appointments today didn’t involve me, so I had around 2 hours of decent knitting time.  The second appointment’s waiting area also has a lovely selection of magazines, so I did a little trashy reading (they have Scientific American and National Geographic.  I picked Us Weekly, People, and Entertainment Weekly) while I knit.  I also added some more books to my GoodReads list.  I need to become a hermit so I can read everything on that.

Alright.  Movie’s over and there’s umbrella coordination happening to walk the friend home (next door – the organization is taking longer than the actual journey, but I guess that’s true about many things).

I know rainy days aren’t a novelty for many of you, but living in the desert they really make me happy.  Of course, they also make me miss the northeast, but that’s no big surprise.  Oh how lovely it will be to go to sleep tonight to the sounds of the rain.


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One Response to A rainy, busy Friday

  1. Heather says:

    I love a really good rain, so i completely understand. I think that has been the hardest about this return trip. I want to stay inside and snuggle most days! On the magazine front, did you know libraries off magazines free thru zinio. I know the library here does it( which is how I found out), but Tempe does too.

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