Today I am…

I’ve been thinking about this post all day long, and had plans to take loads of pictures to add to it.  Instead, it’s the end of the day, I’m pictureless and you’ll just have to enjoy the words and use your imagination.

Today I am:

  • wearing blue toenail polish and handknit socks
  • not doing the dishes or making dinner
  • not folding any laundry
  • reading a good book
  • listening to a fun story
  • knitting a small baby thing
  • getting a cleaned up backyard (there’s been a lot of tree trimming the past week)
  • a hockey mom
  • a baseball mom
  • going to bed on clean sheets
  • clean
  • enjoying all the Facebook messages I’m getting
  • the owner of a noisy, noisy cat who snores in her sleep
  • wearing blue jeans
  • the mother of a 12 year old boy who is taking more risks
  • the mother of a 9 year old boy who plans to be a car designer
  • not drinking enough water
  • going a bit grey
  • married to a guy who makes me happy
  • living in the desert
  • a singer of camp songs
  • learning about a new smartphone
  • wishing I owned a teleporter
  • thinking again about dyeing my hair red
  • a women’s college graduate
  • thinking about cutting my hair short again
  • ready for my dentist appointment tomorrow
  • alone in my house
  • missing the northeast
  • a freethinker who likes to learn about religion
  • a liberal much of the time
  • a fan of horror (novels, movies, television)
  • relatively healthy
  • not exercising like I should
  • a fan of flannel pajama pants
  • a better baker than cook (or at least I’d rather bake than cook)
  • enjoying this month off with my kids
  • a player of board and card games
  • pretty happy
  • 40 today
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4 Responses to Today I am…

  1. Bootsie says:

    40! Congrats! When I turn 40 LG will only be 6. Yikes. I vote for long red hair. You finally got a smartphone? Which? And let me tell you, Drinkwater is not just a street in Scottsdale. Do you have a good water bottle?I love my new Camelbak…also not just a street in Scottsdale.
    Horror…YA Zombie? Mayberry Rot & Ruin? Ryan Forest of Hands and Teeth?

  2. Bootsie says:

    Tell me that comment posted and its just in the moderation queue because predictive text isnt working in the wordpress webforms, actusl text inpiur looka like this…

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