Yarn Along 2013: Week 12

It’s been another busy week of playing hostess with the mostess.  I’m getting a little rough around the edges, I think.  The boys are getting loonier (you know how you relax some things because you have company?  Well, it’s been basically a month of that and things I was willing to ignore a month ago are making me want to call the gypsies today).  My poor mom has gotten the brunt of that part of my parenting this week.

It hasn’t been an overall bad week, though.  We went to the science center, the zoo, the friendship garden, hockey games, a baseball game, out to lunch nearly every day (twice to the old school soda shop/ice cream parlor).   My social butterfly has been in his glory, and I’ve been trying to listen to and accommodate my more introverted kid.

Despite all these fabulous locations, I didn’t get a knitting picture of any of them.  For this week’s Yarn Along with Ginny I took a quick shot on the patio table this afternoon.  I was going to include a shot of my audiobook, but that’s on my fancy new phone, and I had to use the phone to take the picture (the camera battery is dead from the 34856347659384765 koi pictures that were taken today, I think).    Normally I can frame the shot better so you don’t actually see the edge of my “background” but that wasn’t working today.  Now you all know: I use a large pad of watercolor paper for my background.  The secret is out.

emerald city and chocolate

My current print book is The Chocolate Lovers’ Club by Carole Matthews (as seen here).  I’m still in the middle of Astray but needed to put it down for a bit of brain candy.  I’m listening to Firestarter by Stephen King.  I had finished Bloodsucking Fiends and went to download You Suck (the sequel) and could’ve sworn it was available as a downloadable audiobook from the library, but I WAS WRONG.  Horrors!  I know – it never happens to you good people, this wrongness.  I was honestly shocked at myself.  My children don’t always believe me, but I’m almost always RIGHT.

Anyway.  I did what I usually do when trying to find an audiobook on a moment’s notice – I fell back on familiar authors.  I did try a couple of things from my Goodreads list that I thought would be okay on audio (namely, that if I didn’t pay COMPLETE attention, it would be okay), but gave up quickly.   The narrator is mostly okay – there’s something in his voice I kind of dislike, but I’m rolling with it for right now.  Often I’ll stop paying attention to the voice and get more involved in the story.  Of course, I’m off audiobooks for right now because I was feeling like I was getting another ear infection (note to self: clean your earbuds DAILY, you idiot).  So, that’s how I got to Stephen King.

I’m knitting a pair of socks (I know – you’re all sitting there with jaws on the floor, saying “socks?  she’s knitting SOCKS??  No way!”).  This is the yarn I ripped out last month because I was using two differently sized needles.  I’ve started them again and they seem to be going slower than I’d like, but maybe it’s our frenetic pace that’s making me think that.  I didn’t make any progress on the little blue sweater while my mom was here, so I’ll have to finish that and then mail it to her.  She suggested short sleeves, pointing out that the baby is arriving in April, so short sleeves for May and June might get more use.  That would make things easier for me, certainly.  Of course, I have no idea how short the sleeves should be.  2 inches?  Three?  Help me out here.

In other news, Duke University found that women (generally) need more sleep than men.   My need to sleep in makes more sense!  YAY, Science!

How are things in your neck of the woods?


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One Response to Yarn Along 2013: Week 12

  1. Heather says:

    Yea, science. I am gearing up to make a wee baby item. Short sleeves for a babe – I say 2 inches.

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