Lots of socks

Today (21 March) is World Down Syndrome Day.  They did a “Lots of Socks” campaign to raise awareness.  I’m guessing most people are aware that Down Syndrome exists.  Like most things, though, there are misunderstandings and downright false information “out there.”  So, I offer you this list of myths, facts, and language points. 

I wore handknit socks today, but didn’t flaunt them.  I did, however, post this picture of my sock stash on Facebook as a small act of slacktivism. 


(hey look!  My blue toes!).  There are 14 pairs of handknit, crazy socks.  I’ve knit more than that, but some I’ve given away, some are in Thing 2’s drawer (in a size that fits him).  I actually pulled a few pairs out of the dirty laundry for this picture so that I could take a shot of ALL of my handknit socks.  I’m sure you recognize some of them if you are a faithful reader.

On a brief other note, my mom flew home today.  I’d like to play zombie tomorrow, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  Things need to get back on track, but this weekend is full of hockey and baseball, so I’ll have to get started on Friday. *sigh*  Time to get the orange notepad back out and start making more lists.  Best to be prepared.

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1 Response to Lots of socks

  1. woolythymes says:

    I’ve knit some of those socks, too!!!! (I see 3 pairs that I also own!!!)

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