Yarn Along 2013: Week 14

I have been saved once again by my cell phone.  I completely forgot to take a picture for the yarn along today, despite the grand plans that I had (I was going to find most of my current WIP, show those, plus books, etc).  A quasi-nap in the afternoon seemed like a better choice, though.  I did take a picture of my green socks in progress yesterday while at Thing 2’s baseball game.  I considered renaming the blog “Knitting from the Bleachers” because it seems like I do a lot of that.  I’ve been doing less knitting at hockey because it’s so fast, but baseball is slow.  Also, metal bleachers are rough after the first hour.

green socks and baseballI really like how consistently this yarn is striping.  I need to get a better picture of the slip stitch heel because it ended up looking like corrugated ribbing.  I’ve finally turned both heels and am ready to just settle in for the long slog of 2×2 ribbing.  Yeeha.

On the reading front, I’ve started reading Astray again, and started The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner.  This week I finished Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single as well as The King of Sting.  The former had some funny parts and I liked the scenes with her dollhouse.  The latter was alright if you like true crime memoirs.  I didn’t completely love the “voice” of that book.  I’m listening to It on audiobook.    Thing 2 is re-reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series.  I don’t know what Thing 1 is listening to.  The screen has died on his mp3 player, so it’s audiobook roulette for him much of the time.

Our first week back is  going about as I expected.  Thing 2 has settled back into the routine and the thrill of getting things accomplished.  He noticed the time schedule I’d created for Thing 1 and asked for the same thing.  He said it was a great plan (“It includes breaks, enough time for lunch, and if I follow it, I’ll still have plenty of time for playing!”), and he generally keeps himself on track.  Thing 1 wanted a more gradual start, so he’s been complainy, but I’ve been feeling kind of apathetic about his complaints so I ignore them.  There usually comes a point when he’ll realize that he wants to get things done because the neighbors will be out soon, and that will motivate him.  It’s not sunshine and flowers, but it’s passable for now.

If you’ve taken some time off for spring break, how are you doing getting back on schedule/back into your “normal” routine?

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