A spot of rest and relaxing

On Tuesdays, we generally meet up with a crowd of other homeschoolers and the kids play while the parents chat.  We sometimes chat about kid/education things, but we’ll also talk current events, or good books we’ve read, or where is a good place to get whatever, etc.  Many of us are stay-at-home parents, but some work part time out of the house.  We come from varied backgrounds so I find the discussions can be quite interesting.

The Things have made some good friends there.  On Sunday, one friend was having a birthday and wanted it to be an all-day-skate park-overnight-party extravaganza.    Because the weather has suddenly warmed up dramatically, they wanted to get an early start.  I dropped the boys off before 10am with their scooters and overnight gear and waved goodbye.  DH had made plans to go motorcycling  with some friends and left early in the morning with a plan to return late in the afternoon.

I had the house to myself. I stopped at the grocery store and bought some unhealthy foods.  I came home and watched movies.  I did no laundry or dishes.  I knit on the new pair of socks I’ve started.  I did some picking up of the play/school room while watching “The Stand.”  While I know it should be the boys’ responsibility, sometimes it’s easier to do it without them.  I can definitely take more liberties with what should be “trash” when they’re not here.  I got Thing 1’s papers organized since it had become clear that me asking/telling/ranting about it wasn’t going to make a difference, and sometimes I think he can’t always see the mess (not that I would know anything about that).  I finally managed to pick up the sleeve stitches on the blue sweater and made some definite progress.  I tidied my desk some.

It was LOVELY.  Just what I needed.

When DH came home we went to dinner and had a quiet evening.  I didn’t sleep exceptionally well overnight (stupid, noisy cat), and debated sleeping in later or just getting up to have a quiet cup of tea before the boys came back after lunch.  I got up.  It was still quiet.    If I’d had a clean tub, I maybe would’ve taken a bath.

Today was the first full day with everyone back in the house.  As with many sleepovers, the boys had gotten less sleep than they usually get, so they both slept in (to my continued joy).  The rest of the day has been more “back to normal” but I opted to skip park day so that we could try to get back on schedule/routine.  I did the grocery shopping this evening and folded laundry this afternoon.  I need to start making lists for a trip we’re going on later this month.  I’m looking forward to the return of the House Cup over on Ravelry (which will mean planning knitting for the trip!).

I think I need some routines or rituals or something to carve out some more official “time off” for me.  How do you find your me-time?

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